Snow Routes

Photo: H John Voorhees III / Hearst Connecticut Media
In the event of inclement weather, HARTransit buses will bypass difficult locations until conditions improve. All buses allow flag stops while on snow routes. Please use signed bus stops when conditions are safe, but don’t take unnecessary risks trying to reach them.
Below is a list of adjustments to each route when on snow routes – please note that service may be suspended to other locations if conditions are especially hazardous:




 Route Medical Center/Golden Hill

No service to Golden Hill Road or Padanaram Road. Buses use North Street for inbound and outbound trips between Balmforth or Maple Avenues and the North Street Shopping Center. 


Outbound: No service to Virginia Avenue, Forest Avenue and Hospital Avenue, buses use Tamarack Avenue straight to Locust Avenue and pick up/drop off across from the Emergency Room. 


Inbound: No service to Danbury Hospital.


 Route Stony Hill

No service to Eden Drive. No service to Cottage, Casper or Sheridan Streets. 


Outbound: Buses use Town Hill Avenue to South Street. to Triangle Street. 


Inbound: Buses use Triangle Street to South Street to Town Hill Avenue.


 Route Mill Ridge/Mill Plain

No service to Myrtle Avenue or Shannon Ridge Road. Buses use Davis Street to Roger Avenue to Westville Avenue to Lake Avenue. If conditions are severe, service may be cut to Mill Ridge.


 Route Brookfield

Buses do not enter shopping center parking lots until snow is cleared.


 Route Bethel Center

Outbound: Buses use regular route. Service to Bishop Curtis and Reynolds Ridge depends on condition of access roads. 


Inbound: Buses use Whittlesey Avenue to Judd Avenue to Milwaukee Avenue to Greenwood Avenue rather than Plumtrees Road. If conditions are severe, service may be cut to Greenwood Avenue (south of Nashville Road), Milwaukee, Judd and Whittlesley Avenues.


6 Route Route Lake Avenue/Danbury Mall

Outbound: No service to Wooster Manor, East Pearl or Spruce Streets. Bus follows regular route to West Wooster Street, turns onto Division Street and continues to West Street. 

Inbound: Buses use regular route.


 Route New Milford

No service to New Milford Medical Center, buses turn around at Union Savings Bank on Rt. 202 and Chestnut Land Rd. No service to Sunny Valley or Butterbrook Road. Buses do not enter shopping center parking lots until snow is cleared.


Route 7 LINK Danbury-Norwalk

Buses follow regular route but do not enter the Miry Brook Park&Ride until cleared of ice or snow. Buses will not enter Miry Brook Park&Ride with any amount of snow coverage even if HARTransit is operating on regular routes.



 Danbury-Brewster Shuttle


No service to front of train station. Service on Main Street, Brewster, is inbound to Danbury only. Brewster train station stop is moved to corner of Railroad Street and Main Street, across from station.


 Ridgefield-Katonah Shuttle


Buses will use Route 102 both ways, to and from the Dog Park. Buses will not use Governor Street.


Transit Bus

The transit bus is always facing toward Governor St.:
Left on Governor St., Left on East Ridge Road (at the Police Station), right on Branchville Road, left on Main Street, then continues as normal.


 New Fairfield-Southeast Shuttle


Buses do not enter Temple Beth Elohim parking lot. Buses stop at the top of lot.



 Mall-Hospital LOOP


No service to Golden Hill Road or Padanaram Road. Buses use Hayestown Avenue to North Street to Maple Avenue.


 Newtown Road-South Street LOOP


Follows regular route.


 New Milford LOOP


Follows regular route.


HARTransit may curtail SweetHART operations if travel conditions are unsafe.  HARTransit will call any passengers affected by a cancellation of service, and offer early return trips for riders transported prior to the onset of unsafe conditions.  Please listen to WLAD (800AM) or WDAQ (98.3 FM) for service cancellation information or call the HARTransit office.



Rider Alerts

In the event of route delays or detours due to inclement weather, alerts will be posted to the website and twitter.
Major emergency announcements will be made on local radio stations.
Website Alerts, Twitter and Facebook Announcements
To get the latest news and service information updates visit:
HARTransit home page for alerts or 
Twitter and Facebook for announcements.


Radio Announcements
Listen for announcements regarding HARTransit dalays and detours during major emergencies by tuning in to:
  • WLAD 800 AM
  • WDAQ 98.3 FM
  • Or call 203.744.4070