For Persons with a Disability




Apply to SweetHART for Persons with a Disability

Persons with mobility related disabilities or impairments regardless of age may qualify for SweetHART dial-a-ride services. HARTransit requires the name and contact information of a professional such as a doctor or case worker familiar with your disability for verification.
Please note that persons with more significant mobility impairments may also be eligible for SweetHART ADA Paratransit.
For more details and application requirements contact the HARTransit office at 203-744-4070. 
Persons of any age with a disability who apply are eligible for either ADA Paratransit and Dial-a-Ride door-to-door services are also eligible as well for as Half-Fare on CityBus services.

Applications may be faxed, mailed or emailed to Make sure
the copy of your identification is legible and do not send originals to our office.
Partially completed applications will not be accepted.


62 Federal Road, Danbury CT 06810
Tel: (203) 744 4070 Fax: (203) 744-0764

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View informative videos covering how to register, make redervations and ride.

Click below to see a printable detailed document on SweetHART Dial-a-Ride policies:

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Weather Alerts

HARTransit may curtail SweetHART operations if travel conditions are unsafe.
HARTransit will call any passengers affected by a cancellation of service and offer early return trips for riders transported prior to the onset of unsafe conditions.
For service cancellation announcements, please listen to


WLAD (800AM)

WDAQ (98.3 FM)


or call the HARTransit office: 203.744.4070

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